Home based MTs/Editors needed

We are happy to say we are now 14 years old and growing.  We are looking for home based MTs/Editors.

We also feel very proud and happy to say that those who have joined us have remained with us for the last 10 plus years.  This, I am sure, will tell you a lot more about us.

Please visit http://www.ats-medical-transcription-services.com/careers.php and submit your details for a test run and other details.

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Safety of EHR, EMR as private data goes online

Came across a reference about the safety of online health records. It might interest you. Please check the following link:


The beginning of what is to come.

This makes us think if so much of automation is really what we should go in for.

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Web based Online EMR an overview

With the HIPAA coming into force, we see a number of companies and service providers coming up with their “Online EMR” softwares. It is good to have automation, no doubt. Let us consider the actual facts. Starting from now, we will try to view the scenario from one point of view at a time.

It is well known that every lock has a key and no matter how advanced a lock is there is always someone who comes up with a key to it to enter illegally. Same is the case with portals or online data. No matter how much security there is, whether 128 bit encryption or 256 bit there is bound to be someone who will get past that in order to get to the data. So obviously what is supposed to be the most confidential data (related to the patient) is always going to be at risk of landing into wrong hands. It is okay that the clinic should have a system so that the patient can have access to his record at any time. But how are we to know if the data is really safe and has not reached a person who has nothing to do with it? Take for example social networking sites who provide the user with a wide range of options to share what they want and with whom they want to share. Yet it is now known that even these sites could not protect the user’s information and the sites were hacked. If the data leaks from the server due to such reasons who will be responsible? We hope this has been considered before going ahead with such a kind of automation.

We will discuss things one by one over a period of time. Watch out for more to come on this subject.

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Welcome to ATS!

Welcome to the blog of ATS!

ATS, an outsourcing transcription company, provides HIPAA compliant medical transcription services to physicians, clinics, hospitals across US. First choice for outsourcing MT services. Reliable and affordable, with plans from as low as $0.07 per line our medical transcription services become the best option for private clinics, and physicians group practices.

High Quality: Our team of professional transcriptionists have an experience of more than 8 years to deliver high quality.
Easy to use: Continue your own dictation system and upload your dictation to our Secure FTP servers or use our toll-free Dial-In digital dictation service.
HIPAA compliance: 128-bit SSL FTP servers ensuring complete secrecy and security.
Local support: We are reachable round the clock.

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